Spark Plugs for Lancia Fulvia's engines

Road engines

NGK spark plugs outperform Champion in quality and reliability.

We suggest the use of BP7ES plugs for 818.302 and 818.303 enginese, whereas colder BP8ES are neccessary for 818.342 engines.
BP8ES may be used on 818.302 and 818.303 engines which are worked hard during summetime.
Heat rating 8 means an average value whereas 7 is slightly hotter. NGK heat rating is inverse of Champion's.

NGK suggests the use of D8EA plugs for 818.540 engines which should be comparable with DOES. As said before, it may be a good choiche to use colder D9ES if the engine is worked hard in summer. Despite of the low price, D8EA give haigh performance.
Caution: the original Champion R61, suggested at the time by Lancia, is not anymore suitable beacuse of the modern unleaded petrol. Even using specific additeves, R61 plugs shows its weaknes.

Race tuned engines

If tha car is mildly used (meetings and occasional runs), we suggest NGK B8EV for 1,3 engines and D8EV for 818.540 enfgine: uit is an extremely refined spark plug with gold-palladium centre electrode, quite difficult to procure in 818.540 version, it is common for 1,3 engines. Expensive, but with a remarkably long life, it is in our opinion one of the best spark plugs that may be used on a Fulvia. With the B8EV fitted on the Gr.4 Fanalone (equippd with a spacial cylinder head that used 14mm thread plugs) Fiorio/Stella raced twice Montecarlo HIstorique Rallye flawlessly. Even better may result the B8EG.
For harder use (track days, races, fast and lonfg special stages) or with high temperature, it may be wirse to use colder plags with 9 o 95 heat rating. In this case, we suggest to start the engine, when it's cold, using road cars plugs and the n switch to racing plugs when the engine is warned enough

Champion A 59 C Racing. For .540 engines tuned at top level of performance and perfectly efficent, expensive but give exhilarating performances.

Champion C 57 Racing. For 1,3 engines tuned at top level of performance and perfectly efficent.

NGK B95EGV Racing. For 1,3 engines tuned at top level of performance and perfectly efficent, it is without doubt the best racing spark plug. Unfortunately D95EGV for 1,6 engines seems not to be available.

The Rallye 1,6 HF 001006 owned by Carlo HF Stella runs with DPR9EA-9, showing excellent performance. The last plug's code figure maens a .9 mm gap, gap that should be carefully checked and adjusted to keep top performance.

Annotations edited in collaboration with Carlo HF Stella

Original spark plug table
Engine Champion Bosch Lodge Magneti Marelli Notes
818.000 N5     CW 225LVSPK  
818.100   W 175 T2 HL CW 240LP  
818.130   W 230 T30 HL CW 240LP  
818.140   W 230 T30 HL CW 240LP  
818.202   W 230 T30      
818.282   W 230 T30      
818.302 N7Y W 215 T30 2HL NY CW 78LP  
818.303 N7Y W 215 T30 2HL NY CW 78LP  
818.342 N6Y   2HL    
818.540 R61       R coding does not mean resistor-type for car-radio, but 12mm thread. 61 is the heat rating and means a high performance engine spark plug


Spark plug updated table
Engine Champion updatd coding

Champion resistor-type

Ngk Ngk resistor-type Bosch updatd coding Bosch updatd coding resistor-type Notes
818.000 N5C RN5C B6ES BR6ES      
818.100     B6ES BR6ES W 7 CC WR 7 CC  
818.130     BP7ES BPR7ES W 5 DC WR 5 DC  
818.140     BP7ES BPR7ES W 5 DC WR 5 DC  
818.202     BP7ES BPR7ES W 5 DC WR 5 DC  
818.282     BP7ES BPR7ES W 5 DC WR 5 DC  
818.302 N7YC RN7YC BP7ES BPR7ES W 6 DC (*) WR 6 DC (*) (*) It may be a mistake on Lancia papers as W 6 DC (W 215 T30) are hotter than W 5 DC, thing that is not suitable for 303 engines.
818.303 N7YC RN7YC BP7ES BPR7ES W 6 DC (*) WR 6 DC (*)
818.342 N6YC RN6YC BP8ES


818.540     D8EA DR8EA      

Gap a 0,5 - 0,6 mm
Gap a 0,6 - 0,7 mm
Gap a 0,55 - 0,65 mm
Gap not adjustable

Heat rating cross-reference table
Ngk Champion Bosch
2 19, 18  
4 16, 14  
5 12, 11  
6 10, 9 7
7 8, 7 6, 5
8 63, 61  
9 59  
9,5 67  
10 55  
10,5 53